Brian Smith

Brian Smith

(Founder & Owner)
Brian, our founder and owner, started Platinum Hoods, LLC in 2015 shortly after his son was born. Before Platinum Hoods was formed, he operated Brian Smith Power Washing and cleaned hoods as a one-man show. His passion for this business is two-fold:

1) He loves that he can provide not only for his family, but for the families of his employees.

2) He is passionate about keeping life and property safe from the devastation of fire.

Some of his favorite aspects of his work are being able to work 1-on-1 with other business owners and helping them solve their problems. He views working with customers as an opportunity to help them make their lives, and the lives of their team and customers, easier.

We asked our team some fun questions so our customers can get to know them!
It’s not how bad you mess up; it’s how you fix it.
Never give up; there is always a solution.
I can focus on something until it is an obsession.
Loyal, passionate, determined

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